my life is basically '13 going on 30' in reverse.


so is it mandatory for dystopian novels to take place in chicago? or have we all silently agreed that's the only city that would make it through a minor apocalypse? i missed the vote... 

the fault in my friends

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

i thought the fault in our stars was one of the best books i've read in years, despite it being a f**king cryfest apocalypse. but ZERO and i mean ZERO of the friends i have forced urged to read it have shed one single tear. am i friends with complete robots, or did this book manage to somehow shoot a tiny silver bullet through my cold dead heart and force my eyes to leak a strange watery substance never before released while i read the last third its pages?


i think tomorrow i'll post a classified ad for new friends. or at least a cragslist missed connection on behalf of their lost souls.